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  • Townhouse Notes: Feeling Good as Hell with a PhD

    Allison Miller | May 1, 2018

    Many new PhDs skip commencement. But as a ritual, writes Allison Miller, editor of Perspectives, it matters.
  • The Real Academic World

    Nancy Aguirre, Cristóbal A. Borges, John Paul A. Nuño, and Jamie Starling | May 1, 2018

    Informal discussions with people you appreciate, trust, and value can lead to great insight. At the ...
  • The Gallery and the Gridiron

    Matthew Reeves | Apr 16, 2018

    An internship with an NFL club showed Matthew Reeves that his doctoral training in history has equipped him with a...
  • Spring Cleaning Tip #1

    Christina Copland | Apr 9, 2018

    Success in academia, writes Christina Copland, is often unrelated to the merits of one's scholarship. Yet, the meritocracy myth encourages graduate students to think otherwise.
  • On the December 2017 Townhouse Notes and Writing

    Caroline Bynum | Mar 9, 2018

    To the editor:Thank you for your thoughtful piece on copyediting and writing (“Townhouse Notes: Writ...

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