Graduate Education

  • Are All Graduate Student Conferences Created Equal?


    Paul Braff | May 6, 2019

    They can be great tools for professionalization, but organizers should play to their own strengths.
  • Gains and Losses

    Perspectives Daily

    Olivia M. Hagedorn | Apr 30, 2019

    Conversations about pursuing nonacademic careers often center on what is lost. But what if we shift the focus on what is gained?
  • Digital Dissertations and the Changing Nature of Doctoral Work

    Perspectives Daily

    Celeste Tường Vy Sharpe | Apr 23, 2019

    “Incorporating digital methods, presentation, and tools in an individual sustained research project is still largely uncharted territory. . .”
  • The Making of the Graduate Working Class

    Perspectives Daily

    Jeff Schuhrke | Jan 29, 2019

    An AHA19 panel brought together graduate activists for a discussion on challenges to unionization in universities.

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