• AHA Member Spotlight: Siegfried H. Sutterlin

    Matthew Keough | Jul 30, 2020

    Siegfried H. Sutterlin is a former senior Fulbright scholar in Europe and retired historian, having been professionally associated with seven...
  • Robert Forster (1926–2020)

    Christine Adams and Jack R. Censer | Jul 14, 2020

    Robert Forster, professor emeritus of history at Johns Hopkins University, died on May 12, 2020, of congestive heart failure at age 93.
  • Meet the 2020 Perspectives Daily Summer Columnists

    Laura Ansley | Jun 17, 2020

    Introducing the three graduate students who will write about the US Census, digital history and pedagogy, and the history of grocery shopping this summer.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Adeeb Khalid

    Matthew Keough | May 28, 2020

    Adeeb Khalid is Jane and Raphael Bernstein Professor of Asian Studies and History at Carleton College. He lives in St....
  • Grant of the Week: Smith Book Award

    Karen Lou | May 12, 2020

    The Southern Historical Association is now accepting submissions for the 2020 Smith Book Award.
  • WEIRD Science

    Brian Connolly, Hans Hummer, and Sara McDougall | May 6, 2020

    An argument for including historians on interdisciplinary research teams.
  • We Are at War

    Çiğdem Oğuz | Apr 21, 2020

    If the fight against COVID-19 is a war, are we living on the home front?
  • Albert N. Hamscher III (1946–2019)

    Donald Mrozek | Apr 16, 2020

    Albert N. Hamscher III, Kenneth S. Davis Professor of History at Kansas State University and specialist in early modern France,...
  • Brian Tierney (1922–2019)

    Kenneth Pennington | Apr 16, 2020

    Brian Tierney, AHA member since 1952 and professor emeritus at Cornell University, died on November 30, 2019.
  • Henry Horwitz (1938–2019)

    Jeffrey Cox | Mar 20, 2020

    Henry Horwitz died on January 19, 2019, leaving to mourn him family, friends, former students, and former colleagues, especially those...

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