• Katherine B. Aaslestad (1961–2021)

    In Memoriam

    Suzanne Marchand | Sep 30, 2021

    On April 24, 2021, we lost Katherine B. Aaslestad, pioneer in the social and political history of the Napoleonic era, to ovarian cancer.
  • William P. Kaldis (1923–2021)

    In Memoriam

    Nicholas A. Kaldis | Sep 30, 2021

    William P. Kaldis, professor emeritus of history at Ohio University, died on May 26, 2021, in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Buchanan Sharp (1942–2020)

    In Memoriam

    Marilyn J. Westerkamp and Jonathan F. Beecher | Sep 30, 2021

    Buchanan Sharp, historian of Tudor-Stuart England, died of COVID-19 on December 20, 2020.
  • The Classicists in the History Department

    Perspectives Daily

    Evan Jewell | Sep 28, 2021

    As many ancient historians move out of classics departments, they should celebrate the unique disciplinary and interdisciplinary strengths they bring to history departments.

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