Environmental History

  • The Ohio River

    Everything Has a History

    Tiya Miles | Jan 27, 2022

    I am from Cincinnati, an Ohio River town named for an Iroquoian word translated as “beautiful river” or “great river.” In January 1977, the day after ...
  • Arthur Mitzman (1931–2021)

    In Memoriam

    Michael Seidman | Nov 30, 2021

    Arthur Mitzman, intellectual and cultural historian of late modern Germany and France, died at age 89 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • When the Birds Go Silent

    AHA Activities

    Manuel Martinez Alvarenga, Marlena Boswell, Isti Bhattacharya, Miguel Cruz-Díaz, Justin Hawkins, Brian Quinn, and Thomas Stephens | Nov 24, 2021

    The latest issue of the AHR features articles on environmental history, African history, and digital history, among other topics.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Lisa M. Fine

    Perspectives Daily

    Matthew Keough | Nov 19, 2021

    Lisa M. Fine is chair and professor of history at Michigan State University. She lives in East Lansing, Michigan, and...

Most Recent

  • Roses

    Tara Mulder | Oct 27, 2021

    Roses in the ancient Mediterranean were a vital ingredient in gynecological treatments.
  • Disastrous Displacements

    Marguerite Nguyen | Oct 21, 2021

    From North Vietnam to South Vietnam to Louisiana, Vietnamese in New Orleans have been faced with repeated displacements—which continued due to environmental disasters.
  • Extreme Spaces and New Frontiers

    Rebecca L. West | Sep 13, 2021

    Read about the 2021-22 recipients of the J. Franklin Jameson Fellowship in American History, the Fellowship in Aerospace History, and...
  • Cement Talks

    Vyta Pivo | Sep 2, 2021

    In studying the concrete manufacturing communities of the Lehigh Valley, Vyta Pivo used ethnography to add new layers to her understanding of the worker experience.
  • Big Mouth Billy Bass

    Sherri Sheu | Aug 26, 2021

    Billy Bass might be considered mere kitsch, but dismissing this singing fish would ignore some critical linkages between culture and environment. 

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