Economic History

  • Rules of Trade

    Perspectives Daily

    Dane Kennedy | Jul 20, 2018

    President Trump calls international trade rules “unfair” to the United States. Do historians agree?
  • Fishing for Loan Sharks

    From the National History Center, Perspectives Daily

    Anne Fleming | Jul 12, 2018

    Policymakers have been trying to reel in loan sharks for over a century.
  • Familial Intrigue: A Historian's Attic Reveals Secrets from the Past


    Jill Wharton | Feb 16, 2018

    Alice Echols’s discovery that her grandfather played a leading role in one of the biggest banking scandals in Colorado’s history didn’t originate in t...
  • Global Speculation

    Alex Lichtenstein | Dec 1, 2017

    As Jonathan Levy (Univ. of Chicago) observes in his “Comment” in December’s AHR Forum (“Follow the Money: Banking and Finances in the Modern World”), ...

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