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What We’re Reading: December 16, 2010 Edition

AHA Staff | Dec 16, 2010

History Lessons through pop songsPreparations for the steadily approaching 125th Annual Meeting meant there was less time to round up fun links this week, but we managed to find a few. We link to news of NEH awards, a list of 50 American History Blogs, a job ad for Founding Fathers, and a look back at the Boston Tea Party. Then, we came across a number of videos this week:  go “Inside the Vaults” with the National Archives, watch the lessons of science historian James Burke, and hear how it would sound if Lady Gaga taught history.


  • NEH Announces Latest Awards and Offers
    The National Humanities Alliance notes the NEH announcement of $23 million in grants for 371 humanities projects, and points to the list of selected projects.
  • Eisenhower’s farewell speech has wise words on split government and militarism
    New documents released last week by the Eisenhower Presidential Library show that early drafts of Eisenhower’s famous farewell address shows that he would have had a second pertinent message for today reiterating “the need for common sense to accommodate the broad range of beliefs in the political spectrum of America.”
  • Top 50 American History Blogs
    A roundup of 50 American history blogs, separated into categories of Colonial, Revolutionary and Early Nation; Civil War; Military History; Economic; and General and Political. Alas, AHA Today didn’t make their list. Hat tip.
  • Wanted: Founding Fathers
    Larry Cebula at his Northwest History blog finds that being a Founding Father pays… about $12 an hour.
  • The Boston Tea Party
    The History Channel notes that today in 1773 the Boston Tea Party took place.


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