December 1987

Volume 25, Number 9
Contents of the online edition

Editor: Marilyn Cole Finley
Editorial Assistant and EIB Editor: Catherine Felsmann

The following articles were published in the print version of Perspectives, but have not been converted to digital form. If interest is expressed, we may be able to convert earlier articles as time and rights permissions allow. Please send requests to

Washington Notes

  • Washington Notes
    by Samuel R. Gammon

Teaching Innovations

Contributing Editor: Robert Blackey

  • Art as Social History in the Western Civilization Survey
    by Shirley Wilton


  • News Briefs

From the NEH

  • North Dakota Celebrates Centennial by Exploring "The World of 1889"
    by William Gilbert Gard

NCC News

  • NCC News
    by Page Putnam Miller

1987 Annual Meeting

  • AHA Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., December 27–30

AHA Activities

  • Meeting of U.S. and Japanese Historians
  • Report on the General Assembly, International Committee of Historical Sciences
  • The Columbus Quincentennial Conference
  • Establishment of Bernadotte E. Schmitt Research Grants


  • Notable Achievements by Members

Letters to the Editor