Current Events in Historical Context

  • Paralympic Pioneer

    Perspectives Daily

    Dennis Frost | Aug 23, 2021

    With six decades of history, Japan's Paralympic roots run far deeper than most people realize. 
  • The Phantom Olympics

    Perspectives Daily

    Paul Droubie | Jul 21, 2021

    Japan's decision to forfeit hosting the 1940 Olympic Games was the result of conflicting ideological impulses at the core of its Olympic bid. 
  • A Juneteenth Dilemma

    Perspectives Daily

    Channon Miller and T.J. Tallie | Jun 22, 2021

    Juneteenth has a specific cultural history and intent; it cannot be generalized into a wider celebration of freedom for all people in the United States.
  • Colorizing Photos from the Past

    Perspectives Daily

    Tara Tran | May 20, 2021

    An artist's efforts to colorize and alter images of people incarcerated, tortured, and murdered by the Khmer Rouge perpetuated a...

Most Recent

  • Keeping It Real

    Abe Gibson | May 17, 2021

    How can historians combat "deepfakes," videos altered to show hyper-realistic people saying or doing things they never actually said or did?
  • Cliché and Caricature

    Dario A. Euraque | May 12, 2021

    A historian of Latin America explains the origins of the term banana republic and why it was not an appropriate...
  • A Farewell to the Model Minority Myth

    Shuko Tamao | May 6, 2021

    In the wake of recent violence, historian Shuko Tamao reflects on how racism against Asian American and Pacific Islanders impacts students and faculty in academia.
  • Remote Reflections

    Claire C. Arnold | May 4, 2021

    Researching the communication strategies of 19th-century British migrants helped one graduate student make sense of her experience during COVID.
  • Vaccine Hesitancy Is a 21st-Century Phenomenon

    Gareth Millward | Apr 16, 2021

    Since the 1940s, vaccination campaigns have been held to increasingly high, and difficult to meet, standards. 

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