Cultural History

  • Dirtbag Historicism

    From the Editor, Perspectives Daily

    Leland Renato Grigoli | Jun 8, 2022

    Why can't historians make headway in countering abuses of historical fact?
  • Empires, Families, and Engaged History

    AHA Activities

    Mark Philip Bradley | Apr 28, 2022

    Questions of empire, race, family, and knowledge production weave throughout the articles in the latest AHR issue.
  • The Elocution Cage

    Everything Has a History

    Jeremy C. Young | Apr 27, 2022

    Could training in a bamboo cage make for better public speaking?
  • Grant of the Week: NISS 2022 Dissertation Grants Program

    Perspectives Daily

    Alana Venable | Apr 26, 2022

    The National Institute of Social Sciences is now accepting nominations for their 2022 Dissertation Grants Program.  

Most Recent

  • Grant of the Week: Fellowships in Aerospace History

    Alana Venable | Apr 11, 2022

    The National Aeronautics Space Administration is now accepting applications for their Fellowships in Aerospace History.  
  • Finding Our Roots?

    James H. Sweet | Mar 22, 2022

    DNA tests have become popular tools to rediscover lost ties to the past, but the links they forge do not...
  • Townhouse Notes

    Leland Renato Grigoli | Mar 9, 2022

    When current events stress you out, reading lots of 700-year-old legal documents can be just the thing you need to relax.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Richard D. Driver

    Matthew Keough | Mar 3, 2022

    Richard D. Driver is an associate professor of history at McLennan Community College. He lives in Hewitt, Texas, and has been a member since 2014.
  • Bronze Bell

    Paula R. Curtis | Feb 24, 2022

    Large cast bells like the one found in Kyoto’s Tōji temple were a crucial part of everyday life in premodern Japan.

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