Career Paths

  • Sine Pari

    Career Paths

    Troy J. Sacquety and Jared M. Tracy | Dec 9, 2021

    A different take on being a military historian.
  • A Winding Road to Finding My Niche

    Career Paths

    Emily Joan Elliott | Oct 7, 2021

    Trying a number of different jobs helped Emily Joan Elliott find the right career after she finished her PhD in 2019.
  • The Business of Applied History

    Career Paths

    Caroline Morris and Jack Fiorini | Apr 8, 2021

    The transition from academic to brand historian offered several intellectual and professional benefits to two historians at Heritage Werks.
  • Graduate School Is a Foreign Country

    Career Paths

    Susan Ferber | Feb 4, 2021

    When she decided a history graduate program wasn't for her, Oxford University Press editor Susan Ferber took her love of...

Most Recent

  • A Career in Development

    Katherine Garland | Nov 28, 2018

    Fundraising was not Garland’s first career choice. But accidentally falling into it changed her life.
  • For the Love of Teaching

    Katharina Matro | Jan 1, 2018

    One day, during my first year of teaching ninth-grade history, a student asked, “Dr. Matro, no offen...
  • Behind the Bidding

    Rachael Goldman | Nov 1, 2017

    “Sold.” Down goes the gavel, and a lucky bidder has purchased a late 19th-century English manuscript...
  • History, Indians, and Business

    Veronica E. Tiller | Sep 1, 2017

    Dr. Veronica Tiller made a commitment to her tribal elders to tell the story of the Jicarilla Apache in exchange...
  • The Conversationalist

    Greg Eow | Feb 1, 2017

    As I was beginning my final year of college in 1993, I had a conversation with my adviser that went ...

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