Assessing Dual Enrollment

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    Letters to the Editor

    Josh Ashenmiller | Feb 1, 2016

    To the editor:The September 2015 issue of Perspectives on History included a stimulating forum of articles on dual enrollment—i.e., high school studen...
  • On the Dual Enrollment Forum

    Letters to the Editor, News

    John McNay, Robert Shaffer | Dec 1, 2015

    To the editor:I read with interest the different descriptions of dual enrollment efforts in a recent Perspectives on History (Forum, September 2015). ...
  • Assessing Dual Enrollment


    Introduction by Julia Brookins, Illustrations by Zoila Torres | Sep 1, 2015

    In January 1990, I started taking a course called American History through the Novel and Film at Simmons College in Boston. I was in eighth grade. I l...
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Dual Enrollment in Perspective


    Elaine Carey | Sep 1, 2015

    In 2013, President Obama outlined a series of proposals to increase higher education access, promote accountability, and expand reporting on student l...

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