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What We’re Reading: April 4, 2013

AHA Staff | Apr 4, 2013

Today’s What We’re Reading features the growing fervor over the proposed selling of the Wounded Knee Massacre site, a history of Spring Break, a confession of academic envy, and more…

History in the News
Anger Over Plan to Sell Site of Wounded Knee Massacre
From the New York Times: “James A. Czywczynski of Rapid City is asking $3.9 million for the 40-acre plot he owns here, far more than the $7,000 that the deeply impoverished Oglala Sioux say the land is worth. Mr. Czywczynski insists that his price fairly accounts for the land’s sentimental and historical value, an attitude that the people here see as disrespect.”

2,000 Years of Partying: The Brief History and Economics of Spring Break

“Two thousand years later, practically nothing has changed except our taste in chugging alcohol.” While some historians may call that claim questionable, the article is on firmer ground with data that show the influx of students has almost no beneficial effect on local economies.

Making the Historical Doumentary “Makers”
History News Network (HNN) has a long interview with the journalism professor who produced the documentary on the history of the women’s movement, Makers: Women Who Made America.

Digital History
Presenting Digital Harlem — and the Australians Who Run It
Atlantic Cities covers a digital history project: “With a few clicks, users can find out where residents went to church, where they got into traffic accidents, where they held parties, where they bowled.”

New Flipboard: News and Posts Handpicked and Shared
Walt Mossberg tries out the new version of Flipboard, a news aggregator for iOS and Android, by creating a virtual magazine of articles on the American Revolution.

Blogging Oral History
The Oral History Review looks back at the first six months of their contributions to OUPblog.

Tobacco Advertising Archive

From the Stanford School of Medicine, a trove of tobacco advertising posters, featuring doctors and babies as spokespersons, the best cigs for your throat, and how to avoid feeling “oversmoked.”

News in Publishing
A Eulogy for the Book?
James Duane Bolin discusses William Cronon’s AHA presidential address, “Storytelling,” in the Murray Ledger & Times.

Difficult Books You Meant to Read
Why feeling guilty about what we haven’t read is a good thing.

Nature on the Future of Publishing 
A special issue of the science journal examines the “transformation” of scientific publishing—open access, libraries’ digital forays, and more open access. A Q&A with former AHA President Robert Darnton on the Digital Public Library of America also covers the AHA project Gutenberg-e.

Academia and the Profession
The Etiquette of Accepting a Job Offer
The Chronicle offers a good article about negotiating the terms of your contract when accepting an academic job offer.

What Employers Seek in Public History Graduates (Part 5)
History@ Work has a fifth entry in their series on what public history employers seek in an employee, focusing on the qualities that help someone succeed in a group setting

What, Me Worry?
Should we give in to Academic Envy?
A confessional essay in the University of Chicago Magazine examines jealousy versus envy in academia.

What Should We Be Worried About?
153 answers to the Edge’s 2013 Annual Question from big thinkers in the humanities and sciences

How Not to Worry
Maria Popova at Brain Pickings looks at, among other things, “Doing One’s Work Under Difficulties.”

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