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AHA Committee Appointments 2014

AHA Staff, April 2013

Nominations to be submitted through e-mail by June 1, 2013

AHA members are invited to submit by June 1, 2013 (through e-mail only) names, together with CVs, for consideration by the Association's Committee on Committees as it draws up its list of nominees for service on the various appointive committees—standing, ad hoc, joint, and book prize committees. In fall 2013 the Committee on Committees will draw up its list of nominations and submit it to Council for approval.

Nominations should clearly indicate for which committee or committees the member is being nominated. A list of the committees is in the March 2013 issue of Perspectives on History.

Self-nominations are also encouraged. These also should be accompanied by the nominee's CV and should indicate the committee or committees in which the member would like to serve.

Please note that only AHA members may serve in these appointive positions.

Nominations, along with a CV (of not more than five pages) of the nominee, should be sent by e-mail only to Sharon Tune with "Committee on Committees" in the subject line.

The nomination and CV should be e-mailed no later than June 1, 2013.