American Historical Review

  • Anti-Semitism in Historical Perspective

    AHA Activities

    Alex Lichtenstein | Oct 1, 2018

    Eight essays in a Roundtable tackle the history and historical study of Judeophobia.
  • Breaking the Rules

    Alex Lichtenstein | May 1, 2018

    The June issue of the American Historical Review features 13 very short essays on 1968.
  • Nations and Empires

    Alex Lichtenstein | Apr 2, 2018

    The April issue of the American Historical Review revives the long-discontinued practice of reviewing films of potential interest to historians.
  • AHA Council Announces Changes to the American Historical Review

    Seth Denbo | Mar 9, 2018

    In January, the AHA Council voted to change important features of the management and editorial structure of the American Historical Review.

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