AHA Annual Meeting

  • 10 Things to Do in Chicago

    Kritika Agarwal and Allison Miller | Oct 17, 2018

    Go off the beaten path in Chicago with these suggestions from AHA staff members.
  • American Historical Association Announces 2018 Prize Winners

    AHA Staff | Oct 10, 2018

    Each year, the AHA offers prizes honoring exceptional books, distinguished teaching and mentoring, and other historical projects.
  • No Theme for the 2020 Annual Meeting

    John R. McNeill | Oct 1, 2018

    The 2020 annual meeting of the American Historical Association will have no theme, an absence for wh...
  • The Business of Publishing Concerns Us All

    Michael J. McGandy | Sep 4, 2018

    Scholarly communication is nothing without university presses. Is there room for a broader conversation about that at the annual meeting?
  • On to Chicago

    Debbie Doyle | Sep 4, 2018

    The 133rd annual meeting of the American Historical Association will be held January 3–6, 2019, in C...
  • Chicago Scoop

    Claire Potter and Brian Ogilvie | May 1, 2018

    If you're not yet excited for #AHA19 in Chicago, our Program Committee co-chairs will make you.
  • Mysteries of the AHA Annual Meeting

    James Grossman | May 1, 2018

    Why does the AHA hold its annual meeting when and where we do? Why don’t we have more “coffee breaks...
  • Experiments in Writing History

    Elizabeth Elliott | Apr 26, 2018

    Laura Kamoie still receives periodic royalty statements for a book she published over a decade ago—a...
  • History Is Relevant Everywhere

    Antia Wiersma | Apr 19, 2018

    On the one day between the first European winter storm of the year and a North American snow blizzar...
  • Exploring Career Possibilities with ImaginePhD

    Kaete O'Connell | Apr 2, 2018

    ImaginePhD provides PhD students and postdocs in the humanities and social sciences with information on different job sectors and various career-exploration tools.

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