AHA Activities

  • Actions by the AHA Council: January 2020 to June 2020

    AHA Activities

    AHA Staff | Jul 24, 2020

    The AHA Council has been busy. Find out what it was up to in the first half of 2020. 
  • 2020 AHA Election Results

    AHA Activities

    Compiled by Liz Townsend | Jul 22, 2020

    The AHA is pleased to announce results of the 2020 balloting for officers and committee members.
  • Announcing the 2020–21 Jameson and NASA Fellows

    AHA Activities, Perspectives Daily

    Gabriella Virginia Folsom | Jun 1, 2020

    Four promising scholars win fellowships to support significant new research. 
  • Haitian Legacies

    AHA Activities

    Alex Lichtenstein | May 20, 2020

    This year marks the bicentennial of the Haitian Republic. The latest issue of the AHR includes both a Forum and...

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