African American History

  • Julius S. Scott (1955–2021)

    Vincent Brown, Laurent Dubois, and Jennifer L. Morgan | Feb 28, 2022

    Julius S. Scott III, author of The Common Wind, has died.
  • Betty C. Wood (1945–2021)

    Mary Beth Norton | Feb 28, 2022

    Betty C. Wood, retired member of the history faculty at the University of Cambridge and an AHA honorary foreign member, died on September 3, 2021.
  • The Danger of a Single Origin Story

    Emily Sclafani | Feb 9, 2022

    Historians emphasize the complexities and ambiguities inherent in understanding the past. But how do we teach those aspects of historical...
  • The Ohio River

    Tiya Miles | Jan 27, 2022

    When the river freezes, lives change.
  • A Pardon for Homer Plessy

    James Grossman | Jan 25, 2022

    At a ceremony on January 5, 2022, the plaintiff in the landmark case Plessy v. Ferguson received a posthumous pardon.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Roger Davidson Jr.

    Matthew Keough | Jan 4, 2022

    Roger Davidson Jr. is an associate professor at Bowie State University.
  • Portrait of a Man

    Brian Piper | Dec 28, 2021

    This daguerreotype invites us to explore the important history of how people of African descent participated in New Orleans's early photography scene.
  • A Tribute to Leon Litwack

    James Grossman and Waldo E. Martin | Dec 27, 2021

    Leon F. Litwack died on August 5, 2021, at the age of 91.
  • From Inclusive Public Schools to Divisive Concepts

    James H. Sweet | Dec 15, 2021

    His own experiences in public schools have influenced AHA president James H. Sweet’s views on recent “divisive concepts” debates.
  • Teacher, Mentor, Coach

    Laura Ansley | Dec 14, 2021

    James H. Sweet, the AHA’s 138th president, shares his goals for his presidential term and reflects how his mentor Colin Palmer shaped his career.

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