• Teaching Decolonization Resources

    Annabel LaBrecque | Jun 21, 2018

    The NHC's Teaching Decolonization Resource Collection provides materials for teachers to create a comprehensive unit on women and the Algerian War of Independence.
  • Collaborative Historical Research

    Catherine Cymone Fourshey and Christine Saidi | Apr 5, 2018

    Catherine Cymone Fourshey and Christine Saidi show how collaboration, particularly with local individuals, communities, and organizations, has been vital to their scholarship.
  • Suzanne Miers Oliver (1922–2016)

    Joseph C. Miller and Richard B. Allen | Mar 8, 2018

    Historian of Global SlaverySuzanne Miers Oliver, professor emerita of history at Ohio University, pa...
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Ross Dunn

    Matthew Keough | Oct 3, 2017

    Ross Dunn is professor emeritus of history at San Diego State University. His research interests include Islamic, African, and world history.
  • Wrapping Up the 2017 AHA Today Summer Blog Contest

    Kritika Agarwal | Aug 21, 2017

    The 2017 AHA Today Blog Contest winners, Bridget Keown and Bernard C. Moore, share some final thoughts on producing a blog series from their research.
  • When Historians Collaborate, Scholarship Benefits

    Christine Saidi, Catherine Cymone Fourshey, and Rhonda M. Gonzales | Aug 14, 2017

    Three historians, Christine Saidi, Catherine C Fourshey, & Rhonda M Gonzales, share their experiences with collaboration & its impact on their scholarship.
  • Caught between a Rock and a Hyrax

    Bernard C. Moore | Aug 3, 2017

    Bernard Moore on what the history of vermin control in Namibia can tell us about rural agriculture, capitalism, and white-black labor relations.
  • “Vermin are Like Weeds in Your Garden”: Fences, Poisons, and Agricultural Transformation in Colonial Namibia

    Bernard C. Moore | Jul 20, 2017

    “Ongediertes is soos onkruid in jou tuin. Elke jaar moet jy weer van nuuts af begin skoonmaak.”[Vermin are like weeds...
  • “Dogs Were Our Defenders!”

    Bernard C. Moore | Jun 16, 2017

    An early 20th-century tax on owning dogs played a crucial role in shaping agriculture & labor relations during colonialism in Namibia, argues Bernard Moore.
  • Killing for Sheep

    Bernard C. Moore | Jun 9, 2017

    Over the course of my research into sheep farming in Namibia during the colonial and apartheid periods (emphasis on 1915–82),...

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