• Advocacy Briefs


    Gabriella Virginia Folsom | Feb 26, 2021

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the AHA remains committed to supporting historians and the study of history.
  • A Paradox

    AHA Activities, From the Executive Director

    James Grossman | Feb 9, 2021

    A call to action for historians: show up without a special invitation.
  • Advocacy Briefs


    Gabriella Virginia Folsom | Jan 29, 2021

    During the uncertainty of a global pandemic, a tumultuous election cycle, and increasing scrutiny of historians and their efforts, the...
  • Ransacking Democracy

    From the Association

    AHA Staff | Jan 29, 2021

    On January 8, 2021, the AHA council approved this statement.

Most Recent

  • Advocacy Briefs

    Gabriella Virginia Folsom | Dec 23, 2020

    The AHA is committed to defending practices that allow historians to conduct their research freely and to access records in archives at home and abroad.
  • Advocacy Briefs

    Gabriella Virginia Folsom | Nov 30, 2020

    In October, the AHA advocated for historians by protecting professional standards, defended historians' free speech, encouraged debate and challenging ideas...
  • Official Comments on Federal Regulations

    James Grossman | Nov 19, 2020

    In addition to official statements and letters, the AHA submits official "comments" on postings in the Federal Register.
  • Letter in Support of Women's History Museum

    AHA Staff | Oct 30, 2020

    On September 17, 2020, the AHA sent this letter supporting the Smithsonian Women's Museum Act.
  • Advocacy Briefs

    Gabriella Virginia Folsom | Oct 30, 2020

    In August and September, the AHA sent letters and released statements relating to a National Women's History Museum, the White...

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