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What Is PropagandaThis site provides access to an experiment in text and design. As texts, the AHA’s G.I. Roundtable series provides a unique insight into a particular moment in time. The American Historical Association produced the G.I. Roundtable Series to help win World War II. Or so they were led to believe. In fact the U.S. Army sought the pamphlets as part of a larger effort to prepare for the transition to the postwar world, and represent a novel effort at social control.

At the same time, the site itself is an experiment, a test of design and techniques in the presentation of history on the World Wide Web, and the proper blending of primary sources and analysis.

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Constructing a Postwar World: Background and Context

The site design and analysis have been produced Robert B. Townsend, former AHA deputy director. However, please note that while Association oversaw the original publication of these pamphlets, any opinions expressed only reflect the views of their respective authors.