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October 1, 1994

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AHA Activities

Under the bylaws pursuant to Article VIII, Sections 2, 3, and 4 of the constitution, the executive director invites all members of the Association to submit to her, on or before December 15, recommendations for the following offices: president-elect; vice president of the Professional Division; two Council members; one member each for the Professional and Teaching Divisions; two members for the Research Division; one member for the Committee on Committees; and three members of the Nominating Committee. All suggestions received will be forwarded to the Nominating Committee for consideration at its meeting next February.

Present membership of the Council and elective committees is as follows with open positions indicated by the year and name in bold italic lettering. Terms expire in January of the year indicated.


Thomas C. Holt, Univ. of Chicago, president (term expires 1995)

John H. Coatsworth, Harvard Univ., president-elect (1995)

Louise A. Tilly, New School for Social Research, immediate past president (1995)

Robert A. Blackey, California State Univ. at San Bernardino, vice president, Teaching Division (1995)

Drew Gilpin Faust, Univ. of Pennsylvania, vice president, Professional Division (1996)

William G. Rosenberg, Univ. of Michigan, vice president, Research Division (1997)

Suzanne Wilson Barnett, Univ. of Puget Sound (1995)

Sam Bass Warner, Jr., Brandeis Univ. (1995)

Mary Elizabeth Perry, Occidental Coll. and UCLA (1996)

Donald R. Ritchie, U.S. Senate Historical Office (1996)

Leslie Brown, Skidmore Coll. and Duke Univ. (1997)

Walter LaFeber, Cornell Univ. (1997)

Division Members


Paul K. Conkin, Vanderbilt Univ. (1995)

Claire G. Moses, Univ. of Maryland at Coll. Park (1996)

Reid Andrews, Univ. of Pittsburgh (1997)


James Lockhart, Univ. of California at Los Angeles (1995)

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Univ. of New Hampshire (1996)

Patricia King, The Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Coll. (deceased)


Sarah Hanley, Univ. of Iowa (1995)

James J. Lorence, Univ. of Wisconsin Center at Marathon County (1996)

Doris Meadows, Wilson Magnet High School, Rochester, N.Y. (1997)

Committee on Committees

Richard J. M. Blackett, Indiana Univ. (1995)

Ramón Gutiérrez, Univ. of California at San Diego (1996)

N. Geoffrey Parker, Yale Univ. (1997)

Kathy L. Peiss, Univ. of Massachusetts at Amherst (1997)

Nominating Committee

Jere Bacharach, chair, Univ. of Washington (1995)

Evelyn Edson, Piedmont Virginia Community Coll. (1995)

John R. Wunder, Univ. of Nebraska at Lincoln (1995)

Marcia L. Colish, Oberlin Coll. (1996)

James Grossman, The Newberry Library (1996)

Sylvia M. Jacobs, North Carolina Central Univ. (1996)

Lizabeth Cohen, New York Univ. (1997)

José Cuello, Wayne State Univ. (1997)

Sarah Maza, Northwestern Univ. (1997)

See also the ballot material for the 1994 elections that was mailed to the membership last month, the slate of which was published in the April 1994 Perspectives.

Suggestions should be submitted to the Executive Director, AHA, 400 A Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003. Please specify academic or other position and field of the individual; include also a brief statement of his or her qualifications for the particular position for which you are recommending the person.

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