Publication Date

September 1, 2006

Anne Louise Antonoff
Ending Empire: The United States, Britain, and the Palestine Mandate

Lauren Apter
Principled Critics of Zionism

Tracey Banivanua
Mar Decolonization in Oceania

Daniel Branch
Not yet Uhuru? The Local Politics of Decolonization in Central Kenya, 1956–1973

Elizabeth Buettner
Ending Empires, Coming Home: The Ghost Worlds of European Colonial Repatriates

Lucy Chester
"Indian Ulsters" and "Palestinian Pakistans": The Role of Analogy in the Climax of Decolonization

Kristen Stromberg Childers
Remembering 1848: Departmentalization and the Politics of Commemoration in Postwar Martinique

Adrian Howkins
Defending Polar Empire: Opposition to India's Proposal to Raise the "Antarctic Question" at the United Nations in 1956

Yasmin Khan
Enforcing Independence: Policing in India, 1946–50

Jason Parker
Wilson's Curse: Communalism, Nationalism, and the End of Empire in the Short, Unhappy Life of Two Postwar Federations

Louisa Rice
Cowboys and Communists: Cultural Diplomacy, Decolonization and the Cold War in French West Africa, 1950–63

George R. Trumbull IV
Reflections on Water and Economics: Ideologies of the Mise-en-valeur, 1950s Sahara

Lorenzo Veracini
Settler Colonialism and Decolonization

Chantalle F. Verna
Haiti's Second Independence: The Promise of Pan-Americanism in the Post-occupation Period

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