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WHA 2024 Awards: Scholarships, Fellowships, and Honors

The WHA offers ten scholarships, fellowships, and honors, all of which are due in Summer 2024. This list is organized chronologically. Most awards are for graduate students, but there is an award for K-12 Teachers. For more information, please visit our website. 

Walter Rundell Graduate Student Award – June 15th

This $1500 award supports dissertation research for doctoral candidates who have completed comprehensive examinations.

Sara Jackson Graduate Student Award – June 15th

The $500 award supports graduate student research. Preference will be given to African American or other students of color.

Indian Student Conference Scholarship – June 15th

Each $500 award supports Native American student attendees at the WHA conference.

WHA Graduate Student Prize – June 15th

The prize covers substantial travel support to foster graduate student professional development and enhance citizenship within the organization.

WHA-Huntington Library Martin Ridge Fellowship – June 15th

The $3500 award supports a month-long research fellowship in residence at The Huntington Library in San Marino, California.

Trennert-Iverson Conference Scholarship – June 15th

Each $500 scholarship supports graduate student attendees at the WHA conference.

Gordon Bakken Award of Merit – June 15th

The Award of Merit is given annually to recognize the work and dedication of our incredible WHA members.

Louise Pubols Public History Prize – June 30th  

This $500 award offsets the travel expenses for a public historian to attend the WHA conference.

Western History Disability Studies and Disabled Scholar Award – July 15th

This $1,000 prize supports two graduate students who are either working in the fields of disability studies and western history OR identify as disabled and wish to attend the WHA conference with financial assistance.

Charles Redd Center Teaching Western History Award – August 1st

This $1,000 award is given to four K-12 Teachers to attend the WHA conference.

Contact Info:

If you have questions about awards, please contact the individual award committee. Please select the award in question to access the committee information. For other questions, please contact the WHA Staff at wha@westernhistory.org.