Episodes for the June 2023 Issue

History in Focus is a podcast by the American Historical Review.

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14. Agency and History + Hong Kong and China Between the Tides

Anna Krylova examines the complicated role of agency in history. And Denise Ho discusses the multilayered interactions along the Hong Kong–China maritime border in the mid-to-late twentieth century through the lens of oyster producing communities.

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15. A Sacred Calling

For nearly half a century, Curtis Boyd and Glenna Halvorson-Boyd have devoted their lives to providing safe and affirming abortion care. Curtis, a former Baptist minister, began providing abortions in Texas before the procedure was legal in the state. After Roe v. Wade, with the help of an interfaith network of clergy, Curtis opened up a clinic in Dallas. In the 1970s, Glenna came to work there as well, and the two eventually fell in love. Their partnership and shared commitment to abortion care has enabled them to withstand the increasing violence of the anti-abortion movement and to continue providing abortions to this day.

This episode was produced by the podcast Sexing History. It is the inaugural entry in AHR’s new podcast collaboration initiative.

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