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The American Historical Association (AHA) is the largest professional organization in the United States devoted to the study and promotion of history and historical thinking. Only the AHA brings together historians from all specializations and professions, embracing their breadth, variety, and ever-changing activity.

Being a member of the American Historical Association gives you access not only to our expanded menu of individual benefits including invaluable publications, resources, and discounts, but also to a diverse and vibrant network of more than 14,000 historians. Your membership supports the Association's crucial advocacy work on behalf of the discipline and helps us to provide leadership on current issues such as academic freedom, access to archives, and the centrality of history to public culture.

Executive Director Jim Grossman on the AHA's Mission

Featured Member Benefit

InterfolioOn the job market and having trouble managing your application materials? On a search committee and overwhelmed with applications? The AHA is happy to announce that we will be offering complimentary Interfolio services as a new member benefit. Interfolio is an online service that streamlines the application process for both job seekers and search committees by delivering and collecting professional dossiers.

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Popular FAQs

Q: Does the AHA help with historical preservation?

A: Unfortunately, the AHA does not have the resources to conduct individual research regarding preservation requests.  Nevertheless, the following organizations may be able to help you.   National Trust for Historic Preservation Heritage Preservation National Register of Historic Places

Q: Does the AHA endorse or publish books?

A: As a membership organization, the AHA does not endorse books or films.  However, we do award book prizes, research grants, fellowships, and awards for scholarly distinction.  For more information please see the follow link: http://historians.org/prizes/index.cfm.  

Q: Is this the American Historic Society (coin sellers)?

A: The AHA is in no way affiliated with the American Historic Society nor do we have anything to do with selling coins. 

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