Professional Division

The AHA Professional Division promotes integrity, fairness, and civility in the practice of history—in educational institutions, museums and archives, government agencies and non-profit organizations, and all other places where historians study and interpret the past.

Among the Professional Division’s many responsibilities are the following:

  • articulating ethical standards and best practices in the historical profession;

  • working to ensure fair treatment of all historians, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and/or disability, in the course of their professional training and their careers in the historical profession;

  • supporting the free movement of students, scholars, and ideas into and out of the United States: the Division will pay special attention to the problems faced by foreign scholars invited to speak or do research or offered positions in the United States;

  • responding to queries about the AHA’s Statement of Standards of Professional Conduct and proposing revisions to that document as needed;

  • developing additional advisory materials to assist historians in navigating the professional opportunities, challenges, and dilemmas they encounter in their work;

  • addressing concerns relating to the practice of public history;

  • collecting and disseminating information about historical employment;

  • monitoring job markets in history and overseeing AHA roles therein;

  • selecting recipients of the Troyer Steele Anderson Prize and any other prizes for professional service.

See the list of past members.


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