Episodes for the December 2022 Issue

History in Focus is a podcast by the American Historical Review.

Go behind the scenes with the world's leading history journal as we explore the who, what, how, and why of doing history in the twenty-first century.

9. Black Reconstruction

Historian Elizabeth Hinton explores W.E.B. Du Bois’s 1935 magnum opus Black Reconstruction. We also hear from Eric Foner, Chad Williams, Sue Mobley, and Kendra Field. The AHR chose not to review Black Reconstruction when it was first published. A review by Hinton appears in the December 2022 issue.

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10. The Commodification of Tibet + A Look Ahead

Historian Lydia Walker discusses international advocacy for Tibet on the part of the US and India in the early Cold War and how those efforts resulted in a sort of humanitarian commodification of the Tibetan cause. And AHR editor Mark Bradley looks ahead with Daniel at what’s coming up at the 2023 AHA Annual Meeting and in upcoming issues of the AHR.

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