Why Attend the Annual Meeting?

Networking and Reconnecting

  • Explore historical connections with scholars outside your field
  • Catch up with that best friend from your grad school cohort
  • Reconnect with scholars you met in the archives last summer
  • Meet face-to face with historians you engaged online through social media or email
  • Build relationships for future panels, edited volumes, and more

A Hub of Scholarship

  • Attend sessions covering every subfield within the discipline
  • Present your work and get feedback from diverse perspectives
  • Pitch your latest project to editors from dozens of top presses
  • Identify new trends in the discipline from both established and emerging historians

Resources for Educators

  • Participate in teaching workshops for K-12 and undergraduate instruction
  • Get new insights into important historiographical questions to bring to your classroom
  • Find course materials from textbooks to digital primary source collections

Career Development

  • Join critical discussions about issues facing historians in all professions
  • Learn about the full diversity of historians’ employment
  • Plan what’s next for your career, whether you’re an undergraduate, PhD candidate, early career historian, or beyond
  • Gain new skills to improve your research, teaching, and public engagement

Insights into Local History and Culture

  • Explore the unique history of the host city and region
  • Join a tour with local experts to top museums and historic sites
  • Discover local cuisine with new and old friends

Annual Meeting Funding

To help graduate students and early career historians attend the annual meeting, the AHA offers several grants and fellowships to assist with childcare and travel costs.

  • Child Care Grants: 10 grants of up to $250 to assist members who have child-care costs during the meeting
  • AHA Council Meeting Travel Grants - awards of $200-400 to subsidize graduate student attendance at the meeting
  • Jerry Bentley World History Travel Grants - awards of $200-400 to subsidize travel of graduate students who list world history among their major or minor fields of academic study
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    Important Dates & Deadlines

    The deadline for submitting proposals for the 2017 annual meeting has passed. The deadline for proposals for the 2018 annual meeting will be February 15, 2017.


    • Summer: Program participants will receive an email with the date, time, and hotel assignment of their sessions, as well as a proof of the sessions as they will appear in the printed program.


    • September 14: Preregistration opens.
    • September 14: Housing opens.
    • September 30: Deadline to submit membership dues and address changes in order to receive the program in the mail.
    Dates & Deadlines

    What People Are Saying

    [I]n recent years the AHA has attempted to diversify and broaden its content in an effort to create value for its ever evolving constituency. Remarkably, the AHA purposefully and successfully moved toward this intention by creating a program this year that appealed to an array of historians with diverse professional backgrounds and areas of expertise and interest. Impressive! ("Top 10 Takeaways from the American Historical Association Annual Meeting" on ramonahouston.com)

    - Ramona Houston, PhD

    This was exactly the sort of session I would hope for at the AHA: fellow professionals comparing notes on a common challenge we all face. It felt like a support group.

    - Glen Gendzel, Professor and Chair of History at San José State University

    The American Historical Association's annual conference was a truly eye-opening experience for me. I’m considering studying history in college, and getting to hear a plethora of historians talk about the work they have done and the things they have had the opportunity to study really reaffirmed my love of history and showed me some of the things I could be doing in the future. ("Seeing Historical Research Come to Life at the AHA Conference" on darlingtonschool.org)

    - Emily Robertson, high school senior

    AHA 2016 was an exciting and bustling conference featuring a wealth of research based on a variety of national and transnational frameworks. The 2017 annual meeting to be held in Denver, Colorado, with the theme 'Historical Scale: Linking Levels of Experience,' looks as if it may have a different tenor, but will surely be just as stimulating. ("Review: American Historical Association Annual Meeting" on baas.ac.uk)

    - Ana Stevenson, postdoctoral fellow

    [T]he panels and sessions I attended were inspiring. I was struck by how varied the field of history is, both in scope and method. ("An Alum at the American Historical Association" on bethelhistory.wordpress.com)

    - Fletcher Warren, BA in History


    Resources and Guides

    For this year's annual meeting, we've prepared resources and guides to assist you with travel, navigating meeting sessions and events, and exploring the city. 

    A historian walks through the 2015 annual meeting Internet Center looking at his program. Photo by Mark Monaghan.

    Resources and Guides