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Here are some highlights from our Fall 2020 season:

World of Plymouth Plantation China's Good War

The World of Plymouth Plantation by Carla Gardina Pestana
An intimate look inside Plymouth Plantation that goes beyond familiar founding myths to portray real life in the settlement—the hard work, small joys, and deep connections to others beyond the shores of Cape Cod Bay.


China’s Good War: How World War II Is Shaping a New Nationalism by Rana Mitter
Chinese leaders once tried to suppress memories of their nation’s brutal experience during World War II. Now they celebrate the “victory”—a key foundation of China’s rising nationalism.


Time's Monster Atomic Doctors

Time’s Monster: How History Makes History by Priya Satia
An award-winning author reconsiders the role of historians in political debate.


Atomic Doctors: Conscience and Complicity at the Dawn of the Nuclear Age by James L. Nolan Jr.
An unflinching examination of the moral and professional dilemmas faced by physicians who took part in the Manhattan Project.


God in Gotham Tomorrow, the World

God in Gotham: The Miracle of Religion in Modern Manhattan by Jon Butler
A master historian traces the flourishing of organized religion in Manhattan between the 1880s and the 1960s, revealing how faith adapted and thrived in the supposed capital of American secularism.

Tomorrow, the World: The Birth of U.S. Global Supremacy by Stephen Wertheim
A new history explains how and why, as it prepared to enter World War II, the United States decided to lead the postwar world.


You can also download our complimentary reader Racism in America. Racism in America has been the subject of serious scholarship for decades. At Harvard University Press, we’ve had the honor of publishing some of the most influential books on the subject. The excerpts in this volume—culled from works of history, law, sociology, medicine, economics, critical theory, philosophy, art, and literature—are an invitation to understand anti-Black racism through the eyes of our most incisive commentators.

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