Resources and Guides

Annual Meeting Policies

The AHA has outlined several important policies for attendees.

Accessibility Guide

Information about accessibility at the annual meeting and in the hotels.

AHA23 Health and Safety Information

The health and safety of our members, attendees, exhibitors, hotel staff, and the people of Philadelphia are our primary concerns.

AHA23 Travel Guide

Details about traveling to and in Philadelphia.

Annual Meeting Funding

The AHA offers several grants and fellowships to assist graduate students and early career historians with childcare and travel costs for the annual meeting.

Annual Meeting Career Fair

The Career Fair introduces job candidates and students to historians working in a wide variety of careers.

AHA23 Discounts to Local Museums & Historic Sites

Information about sites that will offer free or discounted access to annual meeting attendees. 

Annual Meeting Meetups

Interested in holding an informal conversation with colleagues during the upcoming annual meeting? The AHA has set aside space for small group conversations about historical and professional issues.

Public and Professional Engagement at AHA23

Many AHA23 sessions relate to the work historians do to engage with the public, or offer perspectives from historians involved with a broad range of historical work.

Professional Development at AHA23

Whether you are curious about jobs within or beyond the academy (or both), AHA23 has workshops, networking events, and sessions that will help you broaden your professional horizons.

Sessions on Controversies in History Education at AHA23

This guide highlights sessions at AHA23 that focus on controversies in the classroom.

Teaching and Learning at AHA23

The AHA is committed to making the annual meeting a professional home for working teachers. Use this guide to navigate the full spread of teaching events and topical sessions at AHA23.

Workshops and Ticketed Events at AHA23

The annual meeting features a number of workshops for attendees. 

AHA23 Late-Breaking Sessions

The 2023 AHA annual meeting will include a set of late-breaking sessions, submitted shortly before the meeting, to allow historians to respond to current events or recent controversies within the discipline.

AHA23 Annual Meeting Charrettes

The AHA will convene two charrettes: an assignment charrette and a grading writing charrette.

AHA Guide to Lightning Rounds

The annual meeting lightning rounds now include sessions on digital history projects, dissertations, and the research of early career scholars. This guide gives background on the format and tips for crafting an engaging lightning round presentation.

First-time Attendee Guide

Navigating so many sessions and events can be daunting; here are a few tips for making the most of your experience.

Guidelines for Tweeting at the Annual Meeting

If you're planning to use Twitter during the meeting or follow the meeting on Twitter, check out our guidelines for effective and courteous tweeting.

Information for International Participants

This page provides links to resources on obtaining visas and information on letters of invitation from the AHA to support visa applications.

Logos for Participant Use

If you would like to spread the word about your participation, please consider downloading and sharing one of the following graphics, custom-designed for AHA23 participants to share their joy.

Making Your Case

How do you present your case when applying for departmental funding or paid leave to come to the meeting? Here's some advice.

Press Resources

Journalists and media professionals are welcome to attend and participate in the world's largest annual gathering of professional historians.

Poster Resources

Reflections from past presenters and tips on effective poster design.

Speaker Resources

Crucial information about deadlines, time limits, and making presentations accessible.

Undergraduates at the Meeting

Information on undergraduate sessions and resources for undergrads interested in attending the annual meeting.