2018 Resources and Guides

Meeting Resources

Resources for Undergraduates Attending the Annual Meeting

We are compiling a number of resources to help undergraduates in all aspects of attending the meeting, from getting to the meeting and travelling while here to specific sessions and programs that might be of interest. Check these pages in the coming months for more resources and guides to help undergraduates get the most out of the annual meeting.

Professional Development and Career Diversity at AHA18

The annual meeting is rich with opportunities to hone your job search skills, expand your professional network and learn more about the many career options available to historians. Whatever the stage of your career search, and whether you are interested in jobs within or beyond the academy (or both), there is a workshop, panel session, or networking event for you at AHA18.

Teaching and Learning at AHA18

The AHA is committed to making resources available to educators at all levels and at every stage of their careers. That’s why the annual meeting’s teaching and learning program offers dozens of workshops, networking opportunities, and sessions to keep historians engaged with new and innovative teaching tools and scholarship.

Digital History at the Annual Meeting

Annual meeting attendees will have access to a wide range of workshops, panels, and events focused on digital approaches to all aspects of historical scholarship. Whether you think of yourself as a "digital historian" or someone who just wants to find out more about what digital tools do, there is something for you among the offerings at the annual meeting.

2018 Lightning Rounds

This year, the AHA18 annual meeting will feature three lightning rounds: the Dissertation Lightning Round, the Early Career Lightning Round, and the Digital Projects Lightning Round. Come to these sessions to learn about new scholarship on a wide range of topics.

Oral History Jukebox Workshop

The Oral History Jukebox is an open, informal exchange where oral historians of all experience levels and backgrounds come together to listen and learn. This workshop will turn an open ear to the granularity of oral history recordings, searching the medium for key insights into the field.

DC Resources

Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities

Detailed information about hotel and meeting room accommodations for attendees with disabilities.

Transportation in Washington DC

Essential details about air and ground transportation to DC, as well as tips for using public transit, key information on safety, and other practical tidbits.

Tours of DC

The Local Arrangements Committee has organized 12 tours highlighting the historical resources of Washington, DC. Participants will have a unique opportunity to take these tours with their fellow historians.