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Academic publishing increasingly demands web-based digital content in addition to (or instead of) print-based articles and reviews. More often than not, such content merely offers a digital replication of what appears in print, and the AHR is no exception.

But digital content can do more than replicate; it can supplement. This is especially true when it comes to the rich visual archive with which many historians work. A typical AHR article might include only two or three captioned illustrations. These images enhance the article, but they are rarely central to its exposition. A dedicated website associated with the journal, however, opens the possibility of creating additional material that puts the visual archive underlying an AHR article front and center. Furthermore, as an "open" feature, such a site can make the scholarship published in the journal more accessible and widely available. Those who find this digital supplement of interest may then delve further into the published version of the journal.  

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April 2019

"Immunity, Capital, and Power in Antebellum New Orleans," by Kathryn Olivarius (Stanford University)