Undergraduate and First-Year Graduate Student Membership

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The American Historical Association is the largest professional organization of historians, providing leadership, advocacy, and community-building for scholars and practitioners in all fields and places of work. As you embark on your historical study, the AHA invites you to join our community of emerging and established historians.

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What is the AHA doing for students?

The AHA frequently uses its national reputation and the collective voice of thousands of members to address issues that affect graduate students, such as federal funding for language and international study or the right to embargo dissertations. The AHA Council will also soon welcome a graduate student member.

Find a range of perspectives on the value of studying history at the undergraduate level and beyond.

Read about the unique and rewarding careers history graduates have pursued in our Perspectives Daily series "What to Do with a BA in History."

Explore data on the career success of history graduates after the BA and after the PhD.

Career Diversity for Historians is the AHA’s initiative to prepare history PhD students for a full range of professional options, both within and beyond the academy. You’ll find resources to broaden your skills and apply your training as a historian to a variety of careers.

Career Contacts arranges informational interviews between graduate students and mid-career historians working in a wide variety of fields beyond the professoriate.

Find Resources for Graduate Students covering all aspects of completing your degree and conducting your job search.

The searchable Dissertation Directory contains more than 53,000 dissertations that have been completed or are currently in progress in the United States and Canada since 1873. Use this database to find other dissertations on your topic of interest.

The AHA offers an ever-expanding collection of teaching resources, including syllabi, reading lists, sample assignments, and course modules on a range of geographic, chronological, and thematic topics. You’ll also find perspectives on teaching from a range of voice in all types of classrooms.

The AHA Council also provides guidance on professional best practices, such as the Guidelines for the Doctoral Dissertation Process.

The benefits of AHA membership include:

  • A subscription (print and/or digital) to the American Historical Review, the most respected journal in the discipline, with articles from every field of study
  • A print subscription to Perspectives on History, our newsmagazine featuring commentary and insights on teaching, public engagement, research, professional concerns, and more
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