Special Donors 2003

In 2002, the AHA launched a special fund-raising campaign to augment the endowment fund of the Association. The AHA records its deep gratitude to the following generous donors who contributed to this campaign and to other special funds of the AHA during 2003.


(contributions of $1,000 and more)

M. L. Takats Foundation

Frederick Rudolph

Robert L. Tree

Supporting Member

(contributions up to $500)

Michael A. Bernstein

Robert W. Cherny

Paul A. Cohen

William J. Cronon

Stephen Foster

Donna B. Gavac

David A. Gerber

Carol Gluck

Edward Gray

Vincent C. Jones

A. Larkin Kirkman

Uldis Kruze

Maxine N. and Jonathan Lurie

Maeva Marcus

Jo B. and Ted W. Margadant

Samuel T. McSeveney

Barbara Daly Metcalf

Thomas R. Metcalf

John M. Murrin

Becky M. Nicolaides

Agnes Lytton Reagan

Robert C. Ritchie

Constance B. Schulz

Pamela H. Smith

Eckard V. Toy Jr.

Phyllis B. Woodworth

Langdon G. Wright

Robert L. Zangrando and Lisa Pace

History Cooperative Matching Grant

Daniel M. Dorman

Gregory Kuzbida

Robert C. Olson

Barbara N. Ramusack

Margaret A. Trott

AHA Operating Fund

Thomas S. Colahan

Edith B. Couturier

Daniel M. Dorman

Paula Petrik