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  • Academic Freedom in the Digital Age: AAUP Report Addresses a Changing Landscape Added July 29, 2014

    In 2004 the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) published the report Academic Freedom and Electronic Communications . This document covered a range of scholarly activities and looked at how they were changing as a result of digital technology. The central argument of the report was that academic freedom should not be limited any further in electronic communication than in print media. This basic principle still stands, but the world of electronic communication (both within a...

  • Studies Report Mixed News for History Job Seekers Added July 29, 2014

    and art history, history, political science, and sociology. A professional association for each

  • Making the Case: The Many Venues for Historians’ Advocacy Added July 29, 2014

    legislators and school governing boards, resist spending public money on professional history: research, professional development for teachers, interpretive work at sites that goes beyond basic... mission as scholars," the more we will provide them with the intellectual and professional wherewithal

  • In Admin: Four History PhDs Discuss Their Alt-Ac Careers Added July 29, 2014

    Malleable PhD The AHA Professional Division will sponsor a second series of sessions to promote... thoughts: Although none of us is certain where our professional paths will lead, we recognize that... challenges. A key part of professional success, we recognize, is finding ways to be sure the mix includes most of what is important to each individual-­be it personal, professional, or practical. Our

  • Precedents: The Job Crisis of the 1970s Added July 29, 2014

    shifted to professional and work-related fields such as business, engineering, and general education... on the professional register (the precursor to the annual meeting Job Register and employment... of those listed with the professional register already had their Ph.D. in hand.  By the

  • Job Report 1997: Bleak Outlook for the History Job Market Added July 29, 2014

    Signs of difficulty in the job market for history Ph.D.’s can be found on both sides of the interview table. At this year’s AHA Job Register, one search committee chair echoed the lament of many of his colleagues when he noted, “It’s sad that there are so many highly qualified applicants, and so few jobs.” And one job applicant, reiterating the complaints of many of his peers, described his three years on the academic job market as “completely dehumanizing.&r...

  • 2013 AHA Election Results Added July 29, 2014

    President Jan E. Goldstein (Univ. of Chicago) President Elect Vicki Ruiz (Univ. of California, Irvine) Vice President, Professional Division Philippa Levine (Univ. of Texas at Austin) Councilor Profession Catherine Epstein (Amherst Coll.) Councilor Research Farina Mir (Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor) Councilor Teaching Trinidad Gonzales (South Texas Coll.) Committee on Committees Cynthia Radding (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Nominating Committee Position 1: Pamela Scully (Emory Univ.) Position 2: Edward Muir (Northwestern Univ.) Position 3: François Furstenberg (Université de Montréal) The results will be announced at the annual business meeting in Washington, DC, January 4, in Maryland Room A of the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel beginning at 4:45 p.m. A detailed election report will appear in the January 2014 issue of Perspectives on History .

  • Three Years in the PD: A Look Back at a Lively Term in the Professional Division Added July 29, 2014

    I n 2011, when I assumed the vice presidency of the AHA and joined the Professional Division (PD), I was eager to learn about the multifaceted challenges that confront and confound historians—­as graduate students, job seekers, teachers, and employees in myriad workplaces. I soon discovered—­and the learning curve was steep—­that the purview of the Professional Division is vast, encompassing graduate education; every stage of the hiring process; new forms of technology affecting dissertations, archival resources, and pedagogy; the restructuring of history departments; and the disappearance of tenure-­track jobs, among countless other issues. Certainly... the world. The dedication and high professional standards of the staff ensure that the AHA, though a... research or teaching. The Professional Division also seeks to balance the ideal embedded in the open... ;Jacqueline Jones is the AHA’s vice president, Professional Division.

  • Suspicious E-mails Targeting Scholars Added July 29, 2014

    T he AHA Professional Division urges members to be aware of an increasingly common suspicious e-­mail targeting scholars in a variety of disciplines. The e-­mail consists of an offer by a supposed scholarly journal to publish a conference paper. Typically, the initial e-­mail contains grammatical errors and unprofessional language. The respondent who submits a paper for “peer review” soon learns that the paper has been accepted, but that there is a “service charge” (for reviewing, editing, and printing) that can run into many hundreds of dollars. These solicitations have been sent from “editors” of journals that do not exist. Scholars who respond to such solicitations, and then revise a paper in the hope of having it published, run the risk of wasting their precious time—­and money. The Professional Division recommends members diligently investigate the legitimacy of offers

  • Disrupting the Disruptors Added July 29, 2014

    education, provided by professionals who are properly compensated for their time and expertise. The AHA