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Advertising in the publications of the American Historical Association provides you with the best opportunity for reaching members of the historical profession in the United States. With more than 15,000 individual and institutional members, only the AHA brings together historians specializing in every period, geographic region, and topic of history. Through its scholarly and professional activities, the AHA represents the broad diversity of historical enterprise today. More than 60 percent of the Association’s members are professors of history, with the remaining 40 percent consisting of students, teachers, administrators, and publishers in the field.

Promote your publications, products, and services by advertising in one of the AHA’s publications, by exibiting at our annual meeting, or by renting the AHA’s mailing list for your own direct-mail campaigns. Please note that all advertising with the American Historical Association is subject to the Policy on Exhibits, Advertisements, Mailing List Rentals, and Sales.


  • About Perspectives on History


    For the past 50 years, Perspectives on History has been the principal source for news and information about the historical discipline. Published monthly during the academic year, Perspectives on History offers articles and commentary on teaching, computers and software, history in the media, museum exhibitions, and archives and research. Also includes the most comprehensive current listings of employment openings and historical activities, both within and outside academia. Perspectives is also available in e-book and pdf versions.


    Almost 15,000


    College and university professors, and K–12 teachers of history; historical administrators; editors; museum professionals; publishers; librarians; and students of history.


    Nine times per year; monthly, September–May. Perspectives on History accepts—subject to conformity with advertisement policies of the AHA—classified advertisements (for history jobs, fellowships, and miscellaneous products and services related to historians) and display advertisements for these as well as other items of interest to readers (such as books, films, television programs, lists of new faculty, conference announcements, and so on).

    Sizes, Prices, and Requirements

    • Cover 4

      7¼ x 9⅝, $2,071

      Typesetting (if needed): $150

    • Covers 2 & 3

      7¼ x 9⅝, $1,933

      Typesetting (if needed): $150

    • Full Page

      7¼ x 9⅝, $1,115

      Typesetting (if needed): $150

    • Half Page

      Vertical: 4⅝ x 7¼, $829

      Horizontal: 7¼ x 4⅝, $829

      Typesetting (if needed): $75

    • One-Third Page

      Vertical: 2⅜ x 9⅝, $623

      Square: 4⅝ x 4⅝, $504

      Typesetting (if needed): $50

    • One-Sixth Page

      Vertical: 2⅜ x 4⅝, $355

      Horizontal: 4⅝ x 2⅜, $355

      Typesetting (if needed): $25



    Perspectives on History is produced in 4-colors (aall print-ready ads, art, and logos must be PDF (exported to Print Quality, PDF/X-1a:2001; high resolution CMYK) or JPG (300 dpi or greater). Please contact us for questions or help.

    Paper Stock

    Perspectives on History is printed on 50# Gloss paper.

    Classified Ads

    Online ads submitted through the AHA Career Center can be printed in Perspectives on History for a small additional fee: 1 issue: $50 members/$75 nonmembers; 2 issues: $75 members/$100 nonmembers; 3 issues: $100 members/$125 nonmembers.


    • Issue

      Deadline to Reserve and Submit Ads

    • September 2014 Issue

      Friday, August 8, 2014

    • October 2014 Issue

      Wednesday, September 10, 2014

    • November 2014 Issue

      Friday, October 10, 2014

    • December 2014 Issue

      Friday, November 7, 2014 for display ads; Nov. 6 for classifieds

    • January 2015 Issue

      Tuesday, December 9, 2014

    • February 2015 Issue

      Friday, January 9, 2015

    • March 2015 Issue

      Monday, February 9, 2015

    • April 2015 Issue

      Tuesday, March 10, 2015

    • May 2015 Issue

      Friday, April 10, 2015

    Submit Ad

    To Reserve Ad Space and Upload Ad Copy

    To reserve advertising space and to upload copy, please go to the Perspectives on History online display advertising submission form. Camera-ready ads, art, and logos must be PDF, exported to Print Quality, PDF/X-1a:2001 with fonts embedded, or a JPG file with resolution of 300 dpi or greater. Please contact us for questions or help. If your ad is not camera-ready, we can provide typesetting and layout services for a small fee (see above).

    This is for display (box) ads in the print issue only. See below to submit online job ads and print classified ads.


    Jake Ingram for billing information about Perspectives on History display ads.

    Classified Ads

    Online ads posted through the AHA Career Center can be printed in Perspectives on History by choosing the issue dates on the Job Posting Enhancement page during purchase. Contact Liz Townsend for information about classified ads.

  • About the American Historical Review


    The American Historical Review (AHR) has been the journal of record for the historical profession in the United States since 1895-one of the few journals in the world that brings together scholarship from every major field of historical study. The AHR is unparalleled in its efforts to choose articles that are new in content and interpretation and that make a significant contribution to historical knowledge. The journal also publishes approximately 1,000 book reviews per year, surveying and assessing the most important contemporary historical scholarship in the discipline.




    College professors, historical administrators, editors, museum professionals, publishers, librarians, and students of history.

    Average Monthly Page Views: 40,200
    Average Monthly Unique IPs: 9,370
    Average Available Ad Impressions: 80,400*
    *Combined monthly leaderboard and skyscraper positions


    Five times per year: October, December, February, April, and June.

    Online Version

    The American Historical Review is now available electronically to members via Oxford University Press.

    Sizes, Prices, and Requirements

    • Full Page

      6 x 9

      Trim size: 7¼ x 10¼


    • PDF files should be created using Adobe Acrobat Distiller 4.0 or higher. 

    • Files should be composite PDFs, not separated. 

    • All fonts and images should be embedded and subset below 100%. 

    • All ads should have an effective resolution of 300 dpi (minimum). 

    • Colour ads should be supplied as CMYK only (e.g. no RGB, Lab colour, ICC colour based or Pantone Colour). 

    • Monochrome bitmap images (line-art) should have an effective resolution of 1200 dpi. 

    • Half-tone dot range should be in the range of 3% to 95%. 

    • Ads set to the type area should be surrounded by a box, and have no registration marks or catch lines. 

    • Bleed ads should have crop marks set to the trim size dimensions, and will be trimmed accordingly. Please allow 3mm bleed on all four sides. 

    • Any vector-based objects with transparency effect must be rasterized to 600 dpi in the source file itself, before creating the PDF.

    Full specs can be found in the 2014 AHR Media Kit


    • Issue

      Deadline to Reserve and Submit Ads

    • December 2014 Issue

      October 13, 2014

    • February 2015 Issue

      December 9, 2014

    • April 2015 Issue

      February 4, 2015

    • June 2015 Issue

      April 14, 2015

    • October 2015 Issue

      August 13, 2015

    • December 2015 Issue

      October 12, 2015



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