Individual Members

If your field is history—no matter what your specialization is or where you work—membership in the American Historical Association is indispensable. Among the numerous organizations that serve historians, only the AHA brings together historians from all geographical, chronological, and topical specializations and all work contexts, embracing the breadth and variety of activity in history today. More important, only the AHA addresses the diverse special needs of individuals and the interests of the discipline as a whole. No matter what other specialized organizations you belong to, AHA membership is still essential—no other organization serves you and the discipline as a whole like the AHA.

Price List

  • Income under $25,000 - $47/1 year or $141/3 years
  • Income over $25,000 - $86/1 year or $258/3 years
  • Income over $45,000 - $118/1 year or $354/3 years
  • Income over $70,000 - $162/1 year or $486/3 years
  • Income over $100,000 - $190/1 year or $570/3 years
  • Income over $150,000 - $220/1 year or $660/3 years
  • Student1 - $40/1 year or $120/3 years
  • Early Career2 (renewal only) - $50/1 year or $150/3 years
  • Associate3 - $93/1 year or $279/3 years
  • K–12 Teacher (AHA/SHE)4 - $91/1 year or $273/3 years
  • Emeritus/Retired - $58/1 year or $174/3 years
  • Contributing - $310/1 year or $930/3 years
  • Life Member - $3,500

1. Evidence of current status required.
2. Active student members who have graduated can renew at the Early Career rate for the next three years.
3. For persons whose primary identification is in fields other than history.
4. K–12 teachers receive Perspectives and the AHR; annual meeting Program; and Society for History Education’s History Teacher.

All categories (except Life) receive a $12 discount per year when joining or renewing if they choose not to receive print copies of the AHR.

Please note that overseas members, including Canada and Mexico, need to add $20 per year for postage.